Business Hosts

Hosting a Lemonade Day lemonade stand at your business:

How it works:

  • After giving us your information on a registration card, the staff of Lemonade Day will put your business name, location, and contact information on our website under a collaborative list of potential stand locations.
  • When a youth decides your location is the perfect spot for his/her lemonade stand, he/she will contact you directly to negotiate (location, hours of stand operation, etc.).  Finding a stand location is an important part of the Lemonade Day entrepreneurship lesson.  For this reason, we make your information available to all Lemonade Day Alaska participants, but then step back and let the kids take the reins.
  • Once a youth has informed us that his/her stand will be at your business, we will take your information off our online list.  At that point, any necessary correspondence will take place directly between the business and the youth, as well as the youth’s caring adult.

Your responsibilities:

  • Make sure you own the land on which the stand will sit.  If not, you’ll need to secure permission from the property owner for the stand to be allowed.

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